“A girl should have two things: Beautiful Nails and Fabulous Toes”

No longer considered an indulgence for special occasions a manicure is understood to be essential grooming for every day. And not just for the girls!

Natural Manicures

Pebble Rush

Are you in a rush? If so this is the perfect treatment for you, the express tidy and paint is a wonderful quick fix.

Shape and paint
20 mins £19

Defining Manicure

Define your hands by maintaining your nails and cuticles. With regular treatments, you’ll experience more beautiful hands and healthy nails.

Soak, shape, cuticle care, massage and paint
45 mins £27

Hot Wax Manicure

This is a mini sauna allowing moisturisers to be absorbed more effectively. Skin that was once dry and rough is transformed. Paraffin therapy can reduce swelling in muscles and decreases inflammation of joints and connective tissues, known to soothe the pain of arthritis.

Soak, shape, cuticle care, massage, hot wax, heated mitts and paint
60 mins £40
Natural Manicures

Gel Manicures

Gel Manicures Shellac On Hands

Shellac is a Professional Power Polish that lasts longer than a varnish but thinner than a gel. It is instantly dry with a high gloss finish. Cured in a UV Lamp -
Made in the USA

Shellac Removal and New Set On Hands


OPI Gel On Hands


OPI Gel Removal and New Set On Hands


Calgel Over Your Natural Nail Length

Includes shape, cuticle work and product application. Calgel is a professional Gel nail system - Manufactured in the UK

Dipping Powder Nails

Includes shape, cuticle work and product application. 

Calgel Removal and New Set On Hands


Gel With Tips To Add Extra Artificial Length


Gel With Tips Infill


Removal and Mini Manicure